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Here at Raven Recording we are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help artists from all around the world make awesome sounding music.
All music recording rates include an engineer.
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$50-75/hr - Audiobook w/ Add-Ons

$60-$125/hr - Podcasting w/ Add-Ons

$75/hr - Single Artist (Engineer incl.)

$125-150/hr - Agency & Label Rate w/ Add-Ons

Recording services are the foundation of Raven Recording. Our well furnished and great sounding live room features a full Mapex Drum Kit, Roland Electronic Drum Kit, Fender Strat, Marshall Amps, Keyboards, and much more. All rooms are wired together to accommodate larger ensembles who may wish to record throughout the studio. We record in Pro Tools Ultimate through a state of the art Solid State Logic XL-Desk console and Lynx Audio AD/DA Converters

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$50/song - Additional $5 per alternate version of Master (ie. Clean, Explicit, Radio Edit, Performance Track)

Mastering is the final, and most subtle, step in making any project come to life. Whether you've mixed the track on your own or we've been involved in every step of the process so far, let us handle the tricky process of mastering and get your tracks sounding 100%



$150/song - 2-Track Mixing

$250/song - Full Stem Mixing

$350/song - Dolby ATMOS Mixing

Mixing is one of our most sought after services. Our mix engineers have 20+ years of combined experience with training from multiple platinum record and grammy winning engineers. Through extensive listening, editing, processing, metering, and monitoring we strive to have the best sounding mixes while staying within your budget.

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Contact for Project Details and Estimate


Production services are offered for artists that want their ideas, no matter how big or small, expanded upon and brought up to the next level. We can use the best performers, studio musicians, and engineers that fit your budget to help you achieve an end result you can truly be proud of. Package deals are also available!


Contact for Project Details and Estimate

Raven Recording offers sound design and foley post production services for al TV, film, and podcasting needs. Our extensive sound library and foley recordings will help bring any and all productions to life.

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